We´re Systems Integrators

Inout Automation Systems’ activity covers a vast range of services and products inherent in the implementation of control systems, and includes services such as process analysis, engineering projects, project development and implementation, commissioning, and preventive and corrective maintenance. We develop and implement remote management systems for the various sectors. We create software focused on the development of intuitive tools that allow simple and rapid access to data. We are Systems Integrators.

  • Vision

    To be recognised by our partners and stakeholders as outstanding partners in the implementation of intelligent platforms for service management and infrastructure.

  • Misson

    To design, develop and implement management, control and monitoring solutions that translate into gains, efficiency and improvements in the quality of the service provided to our customers.

  • Values

    In complying with its mission, Inout stresses the following values: our customers’ satisfaction; the quality of the work carried out; and the well-being of the staff.


Implementation of automation and remote management systems has traditionally been driven by new infrastructure work. In this context, the technology provider assumes the role of a subcontractor to the business, and the customer often does not have a clear understanding of his needs and technology options. As well as the necessary technical content, the integrator must have a high commercial reach, maintaining a channel for direct contact with the end customer and providing “educational” information about the possibilities offered by technology. In parallel, business challenges are increasingly set to obtain efficiencies via a customer-supplier relationship based on shared benefits.

Therefore, Inout’s strategy is based on four axes:

Quality Policy

The policy forms part of the company’s strategy, as well as our overall objectives.

By implementing the Quality Policy within Inout, the company’s Board recognises it will confer advantages to its customers, suppliers, partners and staff. The Board will therefore guarantee its total commitment to the development and implementation of the Quality Policy described below:

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