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We develop software focused on creating intuitive tools that enable simple and rapid access to data, process monitoring and control, and business management.

With vast experience in planning and implementing automation solutions, Inout’s teams have the technical expertise to provide advice about various wide-ranging products and solutions for problem areas that are reducing efficiency and increasing your operating costs.


Development of SCADA technology for real time monitoring, control and management of Water, Wastewater and Waste systems. Integration of the information received and handled by SCADA, with automated applications for operational management: Geographic Information Systems, Asset Management, Billing & Settlement of Bills, Maintenance (service orders), Customer Support and Loss Management.

Operation and maintenance of data management system with web access, thus avoiding expensive investment in hardware/software and reducing risks and timescales for the customer.

Unification of Command and Control Centres (CCC) in a single CCC with incremental modalities: (i) technological integration of hardware and software in a single infrastructure; (ii) SCADA on a server/cloud hosted web platform operated by Inout (data and licence management service, hardware investment by Inout); (iii) CCC Operation Service with service orders issued by its own teams or the customer.

Integration of the information received and handled by SCADA with operational management integrated applications: Geographic Information Systems, Asset Management, Billing & Settlement of Bills, Maintenance (service orders), Customer Support, Energy Management and Loss Management.

Sending status alarms to mobile phones and email addresses. Real time monitoring of process parameters via smartphones.

Presentation of data curves, calculating performance indicators in real time, and deviations from pre-established targets. Presentation of indicator pool in line with the methodology used by the regulatory entity, ERSAR.

Presentation of data, obtaining performance indicators and statistical treatment of all information.

AQUALOGY AquaCIS Suite (Powered by SUEZ Environment):

AquaCIS Suite is an integrated modular information system for the technical and commercial management of the urban water cycle, created to meet the specific needs of Water and Waste Water Management Entities.

It is intended to improve customer service quality and simultaneously improve the efficiency of business processes. This product brings together all operational management applications within Water and Waste Water utilities in a single application:

• Geographic Information Systems;

• Asset Management;

• Billing & Settlement of Bills;

• Maintenance (service orders);

• Customer Support;

• Loss Management;

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