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We design technologically advanced automation solutions, generating energy and hydraulic efficiency for competitive infrastructure for water storage and distribution

With vast experience in planning and implementing automation solutions, Inout’s teams have the technical expertise to provide advice about various wide-ranging products and solutions for problem areas that are reducing efficiency and increasing your operating costs.


A single platform that can interact intelligently and reliably with the management of dams, canals, feeders, reservoirs, lifting stations and irrigation networks, allowing integrated management of the whole system.

Development of SCADA technology for real time infrastructure and service monitoring, control and management. Integration of the information received and handled by SCADA with operational management IT applications: Geographic Information Systems, Asset Management, Billing & Settlement of Bills, Maintenance, and Customer Support.

Operation and maintenance of data management system with web access, avoiding expensive investment in hardware/software and reducing risks and timescales for the customer.

Sending alarms and/or statuses to mobile phones and email addresses. Real time monitoring of process parameters via text messages (SMS).

This tool, particularly useful for operations and maintenance, allows any anomaly in the installation to be notified in the event of an alarm. Similarly, it offers the chance of SMS interrogation of installation status, as well as team parameters by alarm type, thus optimising the notification process.

Presentation of data, obtaining performance indicators and statistical treatment of all information available in the SCADA system. The module allows Interconnection with information from invoicing systems when applicable and export of information to other platforms.

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Inout provides structured integration solutions personalised for each customer, with tangible benefits and significant improvements for irrigation.


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