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In Portugal, Inout is the market leader in implementation of remote management solutions in the Water and Wastewater industry.

Rather than making new and costly investment in infrastructure, these days operating entities are focused on researching greater operating efficiency, better service quality, operating costs optimisation and systems solutions that support decision-making for renewals and increases in investment.

These objectives can be achieved with the implementation of intelligent systems, real time monitoring and control, and promoting optimised management of the consumption of energy, water, reagents and response to operation disturbances (supply outages and failures, rejection of untreated waste water, failures in the collection and treatment of urban waste) to minimise the “downtime” of installations and equipment.


SCADA (Remote management) and Integration with Management Software

Development of SCADA technology for real time monitoring, control and management of Water, Wastewater and Waste systems. Integration of the information received and handled by SCADA, with automated applications for operational management: Geographic Information Systems, Asset Management, Billing & Settlement of Bills, Maintenance (service orders), Customer Support and Loss Management.

The integration of management applications on a single platform, updated in real time, allows operators to get the maximum potential from each of the applications, focusing the operator on performance indicators for system management and generating the following benefits:

  • Guarantee of service continuity, in both quantity and quality;
  • Human Resource Optimisation (reduction in routine inspections and prioritisation of service orders);
  • Reduction in energy consumption (selection of operating hours, real time monitoring of specific consumption, management of network pressures);
  • Reduction in real and commercial losses in water systems;
  • Rational investment decision-making (equipment replacement, network renewal);
  • Improvement in customer service quality (speed of response, problem resolution effectiveness)

InOut Alert

Sending status alarms to mobile phones and email addresses. Real time monitoring of process parameters via smartphones.

InOut Management Cockpit

Presentation of data curves, calculating performance indicators in real time, and deviations from pre-established targets. Presentation of a pool of indicators in line with the methodology used by the regulator, ERSAR.


Operation and maintenance of data management system with web access, thus avoiding expensive investment in hardware/software and reducing risks and timescales for the customer.

AQUALOGY AquaCIS Suite (Powered by SUEZ Environnement)

AquaCIS Suite is an integrated modular information system for the technical and commercial management of the urban water cycle, created to meet the specific needs of Water and Wastewater Management Entities.

  • It is intended to improve customer service quality while improving the efficiency of business processes. This product brings together all operational management applications within Water and Waste Water utilities in a single application:
  • Geographic Information Systems;
  • Asset Management;
  • Billing & Settlement of Bills;
  • Maintenance (service orders);
  • Customer Support;
  • Loss Management.

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About us

Inout designs, develops and implements management, control and monitoring systems, focused on operating efficiency, service quality, optimisation of operating costs and support for investment decision-making, specifically in the Water, Waste Water and Waste services sector. In Portugal, Inout is the market leader in implementation of remote management solutions in the Water and Wastewater area.


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Our clients

Our customers have a crucial role in environmental sector on a national level since they operate in the areas of water supply and wastewater sanitation, and they include companies managing multi-municipal systems (high-level systems) and municipal systems (lower-level systems) for the supply of water and sanitation systems.

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