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Today irrigation businesses and companies are looking for new solutions that ensure improved competitiveness, a high level of innovation and technological development and that also offer more efficient use of resources (both energy and water).

Farmers therefore feel the need to optimise their agricultural processes, turning to new technologies that allow better results at lower cost, thus making their products more competitive.

In this context of increased market demand, Inout provides integration solutions that are structured and personalised for each customer and need, with tangible benefits and significant improvements for irrigation, today and in the future.


SCADA (Remote management) and Integration with Management Software

A single platform that can interact intelligently and reliably with the management of dams, canals, reservoirs, lifting stations and irrigation networks, allowing integrated management of the whole system.

Development of SCADA technology for real time infrastructure and service monitoring, control and management. Integration of the information received and handled by SCADA with operational management IT applications: Geographic Information Systems, Asset Management, Billing & Settlement of Bills, Maintenance, and Customer Support.

The integration of management applications on a single platform, updated in real time, allows operators to get the maximum potential from each of the applications, focusing the operator on performance indicators for system management and generating the following benefits:

  • Guarantee of service continuity, in both quantity and quality;
  • Human Resource Optimisation (reduction in routine inspections and prioritisation of service orders);
  • Reduction in energy consumption (selection of operating hours, real time monitoring of specific consumption, management of network pressures);
  • Rational investment decision-making (equipment replacement, network renewal);
  • Improvement in customer service quality (speed response, problem resolution effectiveness);
  • Option to produce hourly-based billing reports for customers, reflecting the energy costs paid by the service supplier.

Inout Alert

Sending alarms and/or statuses to mobile phones and email addresses. Real time monitoring of process parameters via text messages (SMS).

This tool, particularly useful for operations and maintenance, allows any anomaly in the installation to be notified in the event of an alarm. It also offers the chance of SMS interrogation of installation status, as well as team parameters by alarm type, thus optimising the notification process.

Inout WebSCADA

Operation and maintenance of data management system with web access, thus avoiding expensive investment in hardware/software and reducing risks and timescales for the customer.

Inout Reports

Presentation of data, obtaining performance indicators and statistical treatment of all the information available in the Scada system. The module allows interconnection with information from invoicing systems when applicable and export of information to other platforms.

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With more than 10 years background in the irrigation sector, Inout is a company that also has wide experience in this field, with its main objective being the development of solutions for automation and remote management of processes that will meet the sector’s needs, thus guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction among our partners and customers.


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